It’s been a journey, and we are ready to officially open the new office, located at 7830 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, we are in Suite 209.

New Office Convenience

The new office allows a convenient location for those who live South of our Carlsbad office, and the new office has multiple treatment rooms.  We still have work to do in order to get the office space feeling more homey, but we are open and ready for business.

New Practitioners

With the new office, we have a couple of new practitioners ->  Tim Milloy, Certified Rolfer; and Darryl Hills, Certified Massage Therapist.  I will be splitting my time between the two offices, and over the next couple of months will be tuning my schedule to accommodate clients’ needs.

Take advantage of Introductory pricing

All existing clients can take advantage of Introductory pricing for both Tim and Darryl –

$69 Introductory Rolfing session (Tim) Book Rolfing HERE →

$39 Introductory Massage from Darryl and/or Tim Book Massage HERE →

Book an Appointment Now Online

We are trying out a new scheduling software – Mindbodyonline.com for the new location.  The Carlsbad location will continue to use Genbook to schedule appointments, while the Clairemont location will use Mindbody for now.  Feel free to let me know what you think.

Carlsbad Location