Services & Pricing

We offer Rolfing®, Single Massage Sessions, and Massage Packages


Introductory Rolfing
First time clients only
Individual Rolfing
Individual session can be Session 1, or we can work on an injury or chronic pain. Good for an introduction to Rolfing, or a tuning up for an event.
Come in when you need.
3-Series Rolfing
Either a Post 10-Series suite, or suited to something you and your body need. Save over $100 when buying a package of 3 sessions Duration of each session is 90 minutes.
Perfect for when you want to try out Rolfing to address a specific issue.
5-Series Rolfing
Purchase a 5-Pack, and save $200 off the individual price.
For when you need a little extra time to work on those tough areas.
10-Series Rolfing
Using Ida Rolf's recipe for the body, we work together toward increased range of motion (ROM), a more graceful walk, a more integrated body with each session building on the previous session. Buy the package & save $500. Each session is 90 minutes


Introductory Therapeutic Massage
First time clients only.
Custom Therapeutic Massage Session
Receive a meaningful and therapeutic 60 minute massage to work out the kinks and help revitalize the body. Using Rolfing techniques makes this Deep Tissue Massage different than what you may have experienced before.
Scar Tissue Session
Scars can hurt or restrict natural movement long after surgery, but we can help ease the restriction by working the scar with a light touch to bring life back into the tissues.


Massage Packages

3-Pack, 60-min Massage
Purchase a package of three 60 minute massage sessions for only $225.
5-Pack, 60-min Massage
Purchase a 5-Pack of 60 minute massages for $350.
10-pack, 60-min Massage
Purchase a 10-Pack of 60 minute massages for $650.