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Certified Rolfer- San Diego & Carlsbad

Hi, I’m Gary Mock, a Certified Rolfer™ from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, CO.  I became a Rolfing practitioner after having a life changing experience as a client myself.  In the process of Rolfing® I realized it’s not necessary to live with chronic pain; I gained a new sense of balance, increased range of motion, relief from my chronic pain, and more effortless movement through the constant of gravity.

Rolfing® SI (Rolfing) came to me in the form of a business card – after a worsening sciatic nerve pain I was barely walking and definitely not exercising or enjoying any of the activities I used to.   Body stress from logging and construction, the way I walked (like Charlie Chaplin), and then years sitting in front of a computer brought me to the point where I walked hunched over looking at the ground in constant pain.  One day someone handed me a business card for a Rolfer™ saying “you gotta go see this guy.”

Four weeks later, wow – I could do things I had forgotten were possible!  Literally I could run faster, turn quicker, jump higher – recovery time was drastically reduced if I twisted an ankle or got a kink or injury.  Mountain biking was so much more awesome; in fact everything was so much more awesome!

Four years later and there was no sign of my back going ‘out’ any more.  That was the turning point that ultimately inspired me to leave my corporate gig, become a Rolfer™ and open my own studio, California Rolfing and Massage.  I had been in pain for 20 years and finally discovered something that worked to release the tension.  I realized I had to share Rolfing with the World – the process of manual manipulation when applied to body structures can address many of our chronic injuries and pain (adhesions and lesions inside the body).  The Rolf method of manual therapy works to promote body awareness, postural alignment, increased circulation, movement and breath, as well as education tailored to each person’s needs with lasting effects.  Often, in 10 sessions or less, you will be back to doing the activities you enjoy.

My goal is to help others rediscover the feeling of expansional balance within the body, and address chronic pain as part of the process.  Together we may find a new sense of balance and move more gracefully in life.  Call to set up an appointment, and let’s get started!


Dave Rodriguez

Certified Rolfer and Massage Therapist – Carlsbad

I’m Dave Rodriguez. Rolfing came into my life through a quick comment – telling an acquaintance that I couldn’t believe what perfect posture he had. He mentioned that it was because he had been rolfed about 20 years prior. For some reason, that comment and that strange Rolfing word stuck when I decided to give it a try in my own life. I’ve never been a big advocate for taking a pill for pain on an ongoing basis. At that time, I was attending law school and usually had 20 pounds of books hanging off of my shoulder in my backpack. As a result, I had terrible back, hip and rib pain. From the first session, I could feel some relief. After a few sessions, and learning to walk more efficiently, I could say that 80% of my pain and tension was gone. I remember after the 6th session, a rather disabling pain that I had had since I was a young child around one of my ribs was gone. Gone! For the first time in my life, I could breathe freely with my entire ribcage, and I could lay on my side without pain. I was sold!!!

A few years later, I decided to attend the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado and become a Rolfer myself. I graduated in 2012. I find that doing Rolfing is an exciting and enriching process, both for me and for the client. I have never had a better employment experience than working with the client as part of a team and seeing desired changes coming to life for my clients. High fives and whoops abound!

Rolfing has also helped me with plantar fasciitis from jogging with bad form, shin splints, knee pain, back pain and indirectly with a sciatica problem I suffered from for a number of years.

In my spare time, I enjoy local and long-distance travel, learning foreign languages and collecting records.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to ask!

– Dave Rodriguez, Certified Rolfer, Certified Massage Therapist
CAMTC #39815

Elisa Jagne

Elisa Jagne (CMT Holistic Health Practitioner AS) began her adult career in the California Army National Guard but knew her passion was to help people gain and maintain their health. Her exposure to health and wellness through her mother, a physician, and natural health and wellness treatments and products brought her to make the decision to become a health and wellness professional.

Note to Clients: Elisa Jagne, our wonderfully magical practitioner, has been asked to serve her Country once more. She will be gone for quite a while. Our thoughts will be thinking about her safety and safe return; join us if you like, and keep her in your thoughts for a safe return.

We will all miss you Elisa.